The smoke that thunders

Location Highlights

  • Mana Pools- The world’s most famous walking safari destination. Home to endless elephants and Buffalo, the mighty Zambezi, large lion prides and Wild Dogs made famous by the BBC.
  • The Victoria Falls- On the Zimbabwe side of the river you can view the mighty 2km wide “natural wonder of the world” or indulge in extreme adventure activities, culture tours in the town or game drives.
  • Hwange- Covering 1.5million hectares of pure wilderness rich in diversity, large game, predators and history.

The Victoria Falls

“The Smoke that Thunders”, The Victoria Falls, is a wonder of nature, stretching almost 2 kilometres across, this makes this water curtain the widest on the planet. As the mighty Zambezi disappears off nature’s infinity pool and plummets into the boiling pools below, the force of the water can be heard and seen from kilometres away. The Victoria Falls is surrounded by the Zambezi National Park, home to the Big 5. Viewing the Falls by helicopter or by microlight is a brilliant way to take in one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. If you are a thrill seeker you can get your adrenaline fix by going bungy jumping off The Victoria Falls bridge which connects Zambia and Zimbabwe. There are a wealth of activities available when visiting the Falls, it’s an iconic African landmark, rich with history and excitement.


Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest national park, the former hunting grounds of the Ndebele King Mzilikazi, this staggering park covers almost 1 500 000 hectares, making it the size of a small country. It is home to huge buffalo herds and brilliant elephants sightings. Hwange is abundant with impressive grasslands and Zambezi Teak forests. It’s a predator rich park with superb interactions. We have a variety of world class accommodation available including luxury tented safaris like Linkwasha or Somalisa which offer wonderfully authentic experiences, exceptional game drives, walking and even the chance to see Africa’s rarely seen Roan antelope.

Mana Pools

The Mana Pools is an exceptionally unique environment that’s beauty can force your heart to flutter. Located in the far north of Zimbabwe, Mana runs along the Mighty Zambezi, which means boating and fishing, while watching Nile Crocodiles, Hippo and Elephant swim in the river – making it an incredible way to spend your day. Mana is one of the last walking sanctuaries on earth, there is nothing quite like walking through the famous Mana blue light and witnessing their giant elephants stretch upwards, balancing on their back legs to feed from the tree canopies. It’s a predator hotspot and Leopard, Hyena and brilliant Lion sightings can be witnessed on foot. Mana though, is perhaps most famous for its Wild Dog (Painted Wolf) interactions. Its Wild Dog packs are seen daily and they tend to pay little attention to humans, making interactions with these exceptional animals unlike any other. Camps like Mwinilunga, situated along the Zambezi, offer heart to heart bush travel and understand the land intimately. Mana is a place that feels like no matter where you look, you can see an Elephant. It is a true utopia. *Only open during the dry season, generally April to end of November.