Reconnecting you to the
essence and soul of Africa

Reconnecting you to the essence and soul of Africa


Discover Africa through our uniquely curated guided safaris, that link you with a specialist host of your choice, to guide you along on your journey. Our bespoke itineraries are specially chosen by us to highlight what we believe are some beautifully themed African adventures through our retreats and events, which focus on great attention to detail and professionalism to ensure your occasion is the everything you dreamt it could be.

guided tours

Our guided tours focus on linking you with your perfect travel host


We provide you with a photographic specialist to travel with you to ensure you get the very best images and editing advice from the time spent behind your lens. This is a great way to learn about your camera and the tricks and trade secrets of wildlife photography. It is also a sure way to up your social media prowess and get some fantastic photographic bragging rights.

Private Guiding

Are you looking for someone to accompany you on you travels? Our private hosting allows you to team up with a safari guide and get the most from your adventure. They will take great care in making sure your holiday is seamless and smooth while sharing information about the African bush and all that it encompasses. This is a great way to personalise your experience to the next level and make friendships for life.

Feature Filming & Photography

There is nothing better than creating memories for life, but when you travel you often forget so much because your journey is so overwhelming with new information, sights and sounds. We offer the perfect solution: we join you on your holiday and create all the video content of your trip, using 4k video, drones and GoPros to capture every angle. We then edit to beautiful music and neatly package it into a beautiful feature film of approximately 15 mins. This is a great way to always look back on your trip, share it with friends and inspire yourself for your next African adventure.

Yoga & Wellness

We are seeing more and more people wanting to travel while considering their health and wellness. At OAF we come from a wellness background and are passionate about incorporating the two through, yoga, fitness, food, meditation/mindfulness and life-coaching. This is not about making a holiday into a boot camp but rather about enhancing your experience through physical, mindful and spiritual connection while discovering Africa.


Brett Roux

Brett has spend over 20 years honing his skills in wildlife photography. His passion for tracking, nature and exploring the healing powers of the natural world hold hands perfectly to his life coaching, creative and wellness background. Brett is an exhibited photographer and his knowledge of Africa, skill set in the bush and behind a camera, and passion for food and city culture make him the perfect guide to all things African.

Domi Roux

Domi is a qualified Vinyasa yoga teacher and former yoga studio and health cafe owner. She has a deep connection to nature and its grounding and healing elements. She is passionate about mindfulness and movement, connecting with people and is always up for an adventure! She has a background in brand management and hospitality which allows her to facilitate truly unique and bespoke safari experiences.

Matt Yardley

Matt is a highly qualified safari guide and wildlife photographer. He has spent nearly his whole life in the African bush and has a very deep understanding of its intricate nature. This understanding is portrayed in his photography which is his absolute passion. A well-rounded guide with great experience in overland tours, birding tours, walking safaris and of course photographic tours means you get more than just a photographic experience when you’re on safari with Matt.


Let us facilitate, create or collaborate for your next retreat

There is something special about escaping the bright city lights and stresses of our modern frenetic lives and immersing ourselves in nature. Nature is a natural healer; its sounds, smells and sights have the ability to remove the clutter from our heads and ground us to a place of total calm and deep perspective. Perhaps it’s the ancient memory of being in a place that our ancestors were most comfortable in for millennia – unjaded by the pressurised, media-tainted lives we exist in today, totally free of all the “musts” and “have to’s” we get lost in. Allow yourself the gift of healing by retreating into the greatest teacher we have, Mother Nature, and allow her to open up the channels of rediscovery and reconnection that we have numbed ourselves from for far too long. Brett (life coach, fitness guru and photographer) and Domi (yoga instructor) are passionate about wellness and the beautiful synergy between nature and healing. Having previously owned a health food and yoga brand, they amalgamate all of their experiences into their retreats. This provides a fully immersed wellness element to their retreat travel.

Enquire about our next retreat or contact us to create your own retreat.


A perfect wilderness occasion

Corporates incentives & group travel

When it comes to tailoring holidays for corporates or large groups, we have you covered. Whether it’s for a conference or for incentive trips, we understand the value of linking your brand with the experience. We are able to manage large groups of any size, paying attention to individual needs large and small. Through our long-standing relationships, we can also better any price point for your corporate group. We have partnered with some talented local artists who are able to create personalised and branded artisanal gifts for your groups. We take great pride in going the extra mile and linking corporates to conservation and community initiatives, a vital link for corporate and rural Africa that ensures the protection of our wilderness’s. Let us take the hassle away from you and handle your travel logistics and admin, ensuring your group experiences the very ultimate in African hospitality.

Weddings & Proposals

There are few things more sacred and beautiful than a bush wedding. Maybe its the calm of nature, being surrounded by wildlife or just the energy of an ancient place that makes saying “I do” in the bush so very special. We have a selection of lodges and destinations that lend themselves perfectly to a romantic bush wedding. Let us help facilitate your wedding requirements in partnership with these lodges and recommend our preferred wedding suppliers to bring your dream African wedding or proposal to life.


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In the meantime, please feel free to contact us and we can share our bespoke safari packages with you.

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