“There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.” - Karen Blixen


The very first music and safari festival combining the very best of what Africa has to offer, Nature, Animals, Music & Dancing!


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There is something special about escaping the bright city lights and stresses of our modern frenetic lives and immersing ourselves in nature. Nature is a natural healer; its sounds, smells and sights have the ability to remove the clutter from our heads and ground us to a place of total calm and deep perspective. Perhaps it’s the ancient memory of being in a place that our ancestors were most comfortable in for millennia – unjaded by the pressurised, media-tainted lives we exist in today, totally free of all the “musts” and “have to’s” we get lost in. Allow yourself the gift of healing by retreating into the greatest teacher we have, Mother Nature, and allow her to open up the channels of rediscovery and reconnection that we have numbed ourselves from for far too long. Brett (life coach, fitness guru and photographer) and Domi (yoga instructor) are passionate about wellness and the beautiful synergy between nature and healing. Having previously owned a health food and yoga brand, they amalgamate all of their experiences into their retreats. This provides a fully immersed wellness element to their retreat travel.

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