“Have we forgotten that wilderness is not a place, but a pattern of soul where every tree, every bird and beast is a soul maker.”
- Dr Ian McCallum

who we are

Founded by husband and wife team, Brett and Dominique Roux, Our African Footprints was born from a life long passion for Africa’s wilderness edens.

Our African Footprints are bespoke safari designers based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Having travelled through Africa from a young age, conservation, tracking and photography have always been a great love of Brett’s. After 25 years of fine-tuning his bush and photographic skills, Brett’s dream is to share his deep connection to nature with the rest of the world. Him and Dominique instantly connected over Africa and its wild places when they met in 2014, and subsequently they got engaged and married in the magical &Beyond Phinda Sand Forest. They are a modern day bush couple who added to their family in 2017 with the birth of their son Roan, who is often taken along on their many bush adventures. Together they bring the experience gained from working in the corporate world and then the hospitality sector to their experiences.

Both Brett and Domi are creatives at heart and it’s their unique synergy, experience and imagination that enables them to create

Life changing travel into Africa.


Brett Roux

Brett has spend over 20 years honing his skills in wildlife photography. His passion for tracking, nature and exploring the healing powers of the natural world hold hands perfectly to his life coaching, creative and wellness background. Brett is an exhibited photographer and his knowledge of Africa, skill set in the bush and behind a camera, and passion for food and city culture make him the perfect guide to all things African.

Domi Roux

Domi is a qualified Vinyasa yoga teacher and former yoga studio and health cafe owner. She has a deep connection to nature and its grounding and healing elements. She is passionate about mindfulness and movement, connecting with people and is always up for an adventure! She has a background in brand management and hospitality which allows her to facilitate truly unique and bespoke safari experiences.

why our African footprints?

Our intimate knowledge of locations, a great understanding of how lodges and operators function, a deep in field passion for nature and conservation and long standing relationships and friendships with Africa’s finest destinations, means we are able to design travel with a specialised touch.

Our African Footprints has a unique advantage, and we are perfectly positioned to understand what makes travel into Africa unique, and how to dream and design that for guests. We focus on the important bits, the inbetween bits, and the details that make an experience go from good to great. When you share love it isn’t halved but doubled and we are fully committed in sharing our love for Africa. Our highest intention for our guests is for them to leave this beautiful continent having fallen in love with her. This is achieved through a reconnection to the people, the animals that call her home and the land that is more rich and abundant than anywhere else on earth in terms of beauty and diversity. We are proudly African and it’s a privilege to share our home.

our vision

Africa is a land of unrivalled opportunity and possibility. It yields a magic unlike anywhere on earth and has the ability to crawl into your heart and never leave.

Our vision is to share Africa in all her splendour with the world. To raise awareness for our wild edens and ensure we play a part in the continual battle to keep her safe in a time where more value is placed on things than on experiences. Travel does this, travel inspires, travel opens your mind. We believe Africa is in all of us and we are all a part of the solution when it comes to protecting her. We are her custodians and sharing her with the world will only serve to educate and inspire future generations to treat her with the respect she deserves.

We feel so privileged and empowered to share Africa with you.