A vast desert canvas

Location Highlights

  • The Sossusvlei- Home to the desert sand dunes over 400 meters high, the must visit “Dead Vlei”, incredible scenery that include the scientist baffling “fairy circles” and of course the best stargazing on the planet.
  • Skeleton Coast and Kaokoveld-  A desperately unforgiving land with  endless views that end at the wind torn coastline of the skeleton coast. Visit the Himba people, watch Brown Hyenas and Cape Fur Seals or take a light aircraft and see a truly unique landscape.
  • Damaraland- Known for its wide rivers, incredible structural diversity, desert-adapted black Rhino and extreme climate. A harsh but beautiful must-see.


Sossusvlei is situated in the Namib Desert. It’s famous for its incredible sand dunes, some that are almost 400 meters high. Its scenery is quite indescribable and its vastness mesmerises the mind. Amongst the dunes is the “Dead Vlei” a fossilised forest cemented into a salt bed, an absolute “have to” when visiting.The Sossusvlei has incredible riches and diversity. 4x4ing and quad biking prove an excellent way to explore the terrain and guests are reminded to keep their eyes out for evasive Aardwolf as well as the landscapes mysterious “Fairy Circles” that still have scientists scratching their heads today. The area has been declared a “Dark Sky Reserve” with the closest town 140km away. Accommodation like &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is not only spectacularly romantic but also has its own telescope for stargazing or if you prefer you can sleep out at the Kulala Desert Lodge and wake up and enjoy a ballooning trip across the desert.

Skeleton Coast & Kaokoveld

The Kaokoveld is a desperately unforgiving land, its limitless views across wide barren plains, rocky peaks and ancient valleys end at the wind torn beaches of the Skeleton Coast. Amongst the desolation is an oasis in the form of the Kunene River- a true wonder – it is in here that the beautiful Serra Cafema Camp can be found and where you can enjoy boating, walking, quad biking and cultural visits to the spectacular Himba people. The vegetation that fringes these rivers sustains the Himba and their future but it also allows for a rich array of desert-adapted wildlife. If you follow the non-perennial rivers toward the ocean you will eventually arrive at the Skeleton Coast. Famous for its shipwreck beaches, huge Cape Fur Seal colonies and Brown Hyenas. Hoanib Skeleton Coast offers 5 star accommodation that includes tours to the oasis, dunes and coast. It is highly recommended to fly back to the lodge from the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy a birds eye view of this unequalled landscape.


The Damaraland is a desert landscape with incredible structural diversity. Its wide riverbeds, over hanging cliffs and flat-topped mountains set the scene for an abundant yet particularly harsh landscape. Its desert-adapted animals are particularly wondrous considering the extreme climate in which they live. Desert-adapted Elephant, Black Rhino and Lions can all be found along with abundant antelope species. The Damaraland holds a unique beauty and while visiting one of the lodges on our circuit you will have the opportunity to mountain bike, walk, do rock excursions and enjoy incredible game drives during your stay.