A Masai Eden of deadly river crossings

The Great East African Plains
- Masai Mara, Serengeti & Grumeti -

Perhaps the most famous wildlife treasure on the planet, the Serengeti (Tanzania) and the Masai Mara (Kenya) combine with Grumeti to create an eden so vast and beautiful its become the ultimate muse for film makers, artists and photographers over the last century. Stretching over a staggering 450 000 hectares (plus additional concessions to the south) this wilderness is most famous for its Wildebeest (Gnu) migration where the heart stopping drama of deadly river crossings for millions of plains game play out every year. Its vast open plains and beautiful escarpments are home to some of Africa’s most beautiful luxury lodges, Angama Mara, &Beyond Kichwe Tembe and Singita Grumeti are examples of eco friendly, sustainable safari’s that offer highly personalised 5 star attention. Whether you are watching the drama of the migration, sipping a Gin and Tonic over an endless view or floating high above this incredible wilderness wonderland in a hot air ballon as the sun breaks the horizon, the great East African Plains are a marvel not to be missed.

Ngorogora Crater and Lake Manyara

Ngororgoro Crater is a fairy tale from a natural disaster. 3 million years ago a 6000 meter volcanic mountain collapsed into itself creating an extremely rich and fertile natural enclosure. This world heritage site is 26 000 hectares and is surrounded by 600 meter crater walls. The creatures inside live and survive off its abundant plants and grasslands that are supported by the rich volcanic topsoil. The crater is arguably the densest wilderness for lions and hyenas in Africa and supports extraordinary animal life. Lodges like &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge offer exceptional accommodation with heaven like views from high up vantage points across this natural phenomenon. South of the Crater is Lake Manyara, its only permanent lodge- Lake Manyara Tree Lodge offers some incredible opportunities to see unusual safari sightings like tree climbing Lions, Pink Flamingos and Lake Manyara excursions that can be explored by bicycle. It’s rich Maasai culture, spectacular Rift Valley scenery and hot springs make it a beautifully romantic setting for a safari.

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