“There is a romance to Africa. You can see a sunset and believe you have witnessed the hand of God” - Jodi Picoult

experiences to remember

Discover Africa in her raw, unrivalled beauty

Africa is a continent veiled in myths and legends from the wild. She has captured the imagination of even the least likely to wonder. They say Africa is within us all, embedded deeply into our DNA, a distant reminder from our ancestors, our former selves, a constant call to come home. Below are just a few of the reasons why this land, with its open savannahs, iconic mountains, raging rivers and fascinating people will never stop running through your veins when you meet her. Discover Africa in all her raw, unrivalled beauty. Find her heartbeat and let it lead you on your adventure. It’s time to create your own African story, leave your own footprints and reconnect with our African footprints.

legendary big 5

The ultimate safari goal is to find your Big 5. Named after the fiercest animals to hunt from yester years. The Big 5 (namely Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard) are regarded as the crown jewel for a wildlife destination, and while there is so much more to experience than just the Big 5, it certainly is one of the great thrills of a safari to spot these legends of Africa.

tracking & hiking

Discover Africa on foot, from the walking wonderlands of Botswana and Zimbabwe, to the Karoo and Kalahari - where some of the finest trackers in Africa will teach you about this incredible skill. Or perhaps its hiking Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain, a walk or hike through the unexplored Transkei or adventuring the Drakensberg Mountain Range. Leave your footprints in Africa.

photographic expeditions

Photography and Africa are best friends. With the worlds most diverse and extreme locations, both photography and videography are a brilliant reason to visit Africa. You can even request one of our skilled Photographic Guides to join you on your next adventure to fine tune your photographic skills so you go home with that perfect shot.


With beautiful oceans and rivers abundant with life, that are both untamed and extremely serene, there are few better perspectives in Africa than from the vantage point of a Kayak. Paddle down the mighty Zambezi or adventure the coastlines of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean as you ride the swells and navigate the currents.

wining & dining

Food and Africa go together like leopards and trees. We are blessed with incredible local authentic cuisine as well as a cosmopolitan and eclectic variety of top chefs who provide incredible lodge and restaurant dining. South Africa is home to the world's best restaurant (2019) and its magical Cape wine farms are the backdrop to breathtakingly beautiful wine and food adventures.

mountain biking

Mountain biking through Africa is a fast growing option for guests. With beginner to advanced routes available and gear provided for (or the opportunity to bring your own) come explore an abundance of Mountain Biking adventures as you dip and weave through dry river beds and spectacular single track, all while spotting your favourite animals from your saddle.

heli flips

There is nothing quite like the bird's eye view a helicopter provides. A host of our beautiful locations offer incredible heli flips. Witness the Victoria Falls, Table Mountain or the Okavango Delta from the sky and see Africa like never before.

hot air ballooning

The Iconic Balloon Safari- is there anything more romantic? Float Along the Masai River as the Sun creeps her golden fingers over the horizon, or watch the golden light cast its beauty across the Namibian deserts as you sip a hot chocolate and feel the cool morning air on your cheeks. An absolute must do with your loved one.

shark, dolphin & whale adventures

The coastline of Africa is filled with incredible numbers of ocean life. Its warm Indian waters and crystal clear Atlantic seas are perfectly suited for adventures. Shark dive with Great Whites in Gansbaai, swim with Dolphins and Whale Sharks along the East Coast or free dive with Black Tips at Aliwal Reef. If you prefer you can whale watch in Hermanus and finish your adventure by enjoying the finer, more decadent aspects of travel.

conservation initiatives

A host of our partners offer exceptionally unique opportunities to get involved in active conservationist initiatives. These really give you an intimate perspective of how hard Rangers and Conservationists are working to look after Africa's wilderness Edens. It also allows you to have genuine hands on experience in the field, all in aid of conservation and the plight against poaching.

star gazing

So much of Africa is free from city lights. There are very few places that don’t offer exceptional star gazing but few, if any, can compare to the Karoo, Kalahari and especially the Namibian deserts. Certain lodges have in house telescopes and fall in Dark Sky Reserves which means you can view the heavens like never before.

quad biking

Quad biking is a fun, adventurous and adrenaline filled way to explore Africa. It is a lesser offered opportunity but take note of the lodges that do have the facilities. Quad biking through Namibia is a particularly brilliant and exciting way to spend a day and view wildlife and the dunes.

bush sleep outs

Have you truly experienced Africa until you've slept underneath her stars? There is nothing quite as humbling as spending a night out in nature, away from the creature comforts of home and totally reconnected with mother earth. It's amazing how quickly your eyes adjust to the dark, your ears pick up the call of a Hyena and your heart falls into the rhythm of the African night.

river cruises

River cruises are a perfect way to enjoy the tranquility of Africa. Gently floating on a Mokora through the Delta or a house boat on Kariba as you pass large and small game as they drink and play in the cool waters is a memory that must be made while on a Safari, and better still, it can be done with a GnT in the hand while your feet dangle over the passing river - Just be careful of the crocs.


The cultural diversity in Africa is truly magnificent. Its a melting pot of languages, religions and people. Their traditions and manner make Africa a cultural extravaganza. It doesn’t matter what region you visit, enquire about our cultural tours and get to meet some of the oldest and most beautiful cultures and people on earth.

deep sea & tiger fishing

Fishing is a great African past time. Our coastlines and Rivers offer incredible sport fishing where Tigers to Black Marlon are challenged to a fight. Fishing here is largely catch and release, promoting conscious travel and sustainability so future generations can enjoy these pristine reserves.

scuba diving & snorkelling

There's a whole new world waiting to be explored under the ocean surface. Abundant with colour and life, what better way to discover the vast oceans and beautiful creatures than to Snorkel or Scuba dive. Our intricate reef systems are arguably the richest in the world and filled with unimaginable diversity. PADI courses are available at numerous locations, and one dive is all it takes to hook you forever.


Our Southern African coast line is a mecca for surfing. Its consistent swells throughout the year mean waves are always found. There are endless point and beach breaks, too many to count and so many unexplored. Southern Africa is one of the world’s last untouched surfing frontiers and home to many surfing legends.


South Africa is particularly blessed with world class golf locations, many of which are in nature and wilderness areas. If golfing is your sport don’t hesitate to enquire about a few rounds on some of the most scenic courses imaginable while on your African adventure.

yoga & spas

With long travel often comes tired and aching bodies and minds. Relax and unwind with highly trained wellness professionals that will take your Safari experience to the next level. Imagine yourself having a massage overlooking a river while elephants stroll peacefully by- We will bring your dreams to life.

turtle tracking

Africa’s pristine beaches provide a sanctuary for turtles. These protected creatures undertake one of the greatest journeys on earth, returning to their birthplace to lay their eggs on the same beach they were born. It’s a fascinating process to witness but perhaps even more exhilarating is seeing the eggs hatch and watch as hundreds of baby turtles bravely rush to the water to take on the mighty ocean and begin their quest for survival.