An undiscovered ocean paradise

Location Highlights

  • Island or mainland adventures- some of the best fishing, snorkelling and diving in the world. 
  • Swim with Dugongs (Manatees)
  • World class waves for surfing, endless perfect beaches, seafood 
  • Magnificent big 5 wilderness areas.

The Indian Ocean Islands

Off the coast of Southern and East Africa are some of the most picturesque and beautifully untouched islands in the world. Surrounded by warm “gin shot” clear waters and coral reefs sensationally rich with life painted by a kaleidoscope of colours. Islands like the world famous &Beyond Mnemba off Zanzibar, Vamizi on Northern Mozambique and the Seychelles, North Island are highly exclusive and simply too beautiful to convey in words. These sustainable lodges offer sand between the toe travel where shoes are never required, dolphins come to greet you as you snorkel, turtles nest meters from your bed and “catch and release” fishing is enjoyed with mind boggling success. These islands are a diving arcadia that promise a huge variety of reef options and under water diversity. Come get lost on an ocean island, enjoy luxury integrated accommodation, tropical jungles, the freshest seafood and beaches so white your imagination won’t comprehend them.