African Ocean Islands

Tropical beaches & cultural wonder

Location Highlights


  • Idyllic and remote islands in the Indian ocean with sensational diving, fishing and island hopping.


  • A family favourite close to RSA, perfect for lazy beach days and ocean activites, great resorts and hiking the green mountain ranges.


  • A magnificent archipelago that is home to some of the best Surfing, diving and beach resorts on the planet.


  • Home to unique creatures like lemurs and magnificent Baobab forests. Explore the untouched coastline.

The Indian Ocean Islands

Off the coast of Southern and East Africa are some of the most picturesque and beautifully untouched islands in the world. Surrounded by warm “gin shot” clear waters and coral reefs sensationally rich with life painted by a kaleidoscope of colours. Islands like the world famous &Beyond Mnemba off Zanzibar, Vamezi on Northern Mozambique and the Seychelles, North Island are highly exclusive and simply too beautiful to convey in words. These sustainable lodges offer sand between the toe travel where shoes are never required, dolphins come to greet you as you snorkel, turtles nest meters from your bed and “catch and release” fishing is enjoyed with mind boggling success. These islands are a diving arcadia that promise a huge variety of reef options and under water diversity. Come get lost on an ocean island, enjoy luxury integrated accommodation, tropical jungles, the freshest seafood and beaches so white your imagination won’t comprehend them.


A tropical island cultural wonder


An island paradise

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Its pristine waters and coral reefs make it a paradise of islands abundant with beach and ocean activities. It is famous for truly exceptional fishing. Its beautiful scenery, warm waters and laid back atmosphere make it one of the top Honeymoon and Romantic destinations on the planet.


White sandy beaches

Mauritius is the perfect playground for a family or adventure holiday. Its warm tropical climate, white sandy beaches and beautiful oceans lend themselves perfectly for a beach vacation where you can enjoy cocktails on the beach, eat delicious food and take advantage of the many ocean activities. Mauritius is home to beautiful mountainous rain forests where trail running, hiking and mountain biking are very popular. Its rich creole culture and excellent shopping and site seeing make Mauritius one of the Indian oceans most popular destinations.


An island phenomenon

The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean, composed of 26 atolls and over 1000 islands. It is an ocean and island phenomenon that is rich with incredible diving, fishing and surfing. The Maldives are perfect for romantic getaways and family fun. Adventuring around the Maldives on a charter is a bucket list “must do” but one can also enjoy your time just as much by relaxing to the wonderful hospitality or using the opportunity to focus on mind body and soul through holistic retreats.


A truly unique island

165 Million years ago a land mass broke away from Gondwanaland. Its isolation meant that a unique island was born. Often called the 8th continent, Madagascar is home to some of the most diverse and unique creatures on the planet- None more so than Lemurs, of which 60 variants call the island home. Madagascar is blessed with warm waters and beautiful beaches. Its baobab forest, ecological diversity and tropical coastlines make Madagascar one of the most rewarding destinations on the planet.

Sao Tome and Principe

A land lost in time

Off the west coast of Africa lies the 2 island nation of Sao Tome Principe. Uniquely positioned in the Gulf of Guinea these look like a land lost in time, its lush forests, rocky mountains that stretch to the sky and quiet beaches look like a throw back from the Jurassic age. Its’ warm, deep blue waters provide the intrepid traveller with outstanding diving opportunities. Sao Tome and Principe has a rich history, Discovered in the 15th century, its past is a story of slavery and toil in the coffee and cocoa plantations. After gaining its independence in 1975 these islands are now the canvas for one of the most beautiful and unique destinations on earth. Come enjoy the world class hospitality and step back in time.